Standards & Approvals


Cables manufactured and tested To BS EN 60702 –1: 2002+A1:2015
Certification of Assessed Quality Assurance No. 333 to BS EN ISO 9001
LPCB Product Certification No. 333a/01
Approval Body Standard Reference Description
LPCB BS 5839-1:2013 ENHANCED to clause 26.2 Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. Code of practice for system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance
LPCB BS EN 50200:2015 Class Ph120 Resistance to fire of unprotected small cables for use in emergency circuit
LPCB BS 8434-2:2003+A2:2009 Test for unprotected small cables for use in emergency circuits. BS EN 50200 with a 930° flame and with water spray
LPCB C,W & Z OF BS 6387:2013 Requirements for cables to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions. All 3 tests performed using the same cable sample
LPCB BS EN 60754-1 Test on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables. Determination of acidity (by pH measurement) and conductivity Part 1: Determination of the halogen acid gas content.
LPCB BS / IEC 60331-2 Tests method for fire with shock at a temperature of at least 830°C for cables of rated voltage up to and including 0,6/1,0kV and with an overall diameter not exceeding 20 mm
LPCB BS / IEC 60332 Tests on electric cables under fire conditions – Part 1: Test for vertical flame propagation.
LPCB BS EN 50267 Gases evolved during combustion or electrical cables.
LPCB IEC 61034-2 Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined fire conditions
London Underground (LUL) LU standard 1-085 Product Registration Certificate number 1567
All core sizes up to a maximum of 10.0mm2 with a maximum of 4-cores ( Light & Heavy Duty bare cables only ). along with all termination materials. The cable is compliant with LU standard 1-085, and suitable for installations in surface and sub-surface locations
Exova Warrington Fire Aus Pty Ltd. AA/NZS 3013-2005 Classification of the fire and mechanical performance of wiring system elements.


Wrexham Mineral Cables are tested to the following:

Warrington Fire Research B.S 6387:1994 CWZ (to the highest category)
Warrington Fire Research To BS 4066 : International standard IEC 60331
London Underground To Specification EME-SP-14-028-A1 (Fire Survival Cables – MICC)


Sira Quality Assurance Notification No. Sira 02 ATEX M170
EC-Type Examination Certificate No. Sira 02 ATEX 1305X
Compression Ring Type Glands to: BS EN 60079-1:2014 Explosive atmospheres. Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures "d"


SIRA Quality Assurance Certificate:
LPCB ISO 9001:2015 Certificate:
LPCB Product Approval Certificate:

Construction Product Regulation (CPR)

Construction Product Regulation ( CPR ):